Initial D: Extra Stage 2 - Tabidachi no Green
  • Status: Completed
  • Genres: Action, Driving, Seinen, Sports
  • Description:

    Itekani missed an opportunity to see Mako-chan and hates himself for never calling to say he was sorry. By chance he runs into her 6 months later, and the situation is awkward. Itekani does not have time to talk at the chance, but both want to talk, so they arrange a 2. meeting. Itekani goes to the meeting place early, but an old man was left behind from an tourist bus, and asks Itekani to catch the bus for him. Itekani being a nice guy, cant say no. Initial D: Extra Stage 2 is the sequel to Initial D: Extra Stage, which is a spin-off of Initial D: Second Stage.

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